1. What are the vinyls?

The vinyl is a 100% flexible PVC (volatile plastic material).
They have an adhesive side and another side finished in different colors, glosses, metallic tones or neon, among others.

Although there are other types of vinyl, such as soap and water, or electrostatic, here I will only talk about the self-adhesive ones. These are the ones that have great possibilities for business uses.

2. Why are the vinyls useful for?

Its uses are very varied and have always coexisted with graphic design and, in recent years, have spread to the world of decoration because of its versatility. That is why they are already called “decorative vinyls” (stickers or adhesives for walls, decorative stickers…).

There are some technical differences between all this terminology, but it’s not in this post where I’ll talk about it.

The concept I’m going to expand in this article is: the design of vinyls for their use and application in the business world.

Many decades ago, at a business level, vinyls have been used for outdoor advertising, commercial vehicle signage, corporate pieces for interiors in offices and shops, corporative in fairs and congresses, signage, etc…

I will proceed to detail more specifically some of the functionalities useful for any industrial/business sector:

2.1. Vinyl for fairs, congresses and events

These designs, always at the forefront, are an essential tool in the world of congresses.

The aim is to attract attention. On large surfaces such as pavilions at congresses, a vinyl is essential to communicate, to personalize the spaces, to make stands and exhibition stands…

Whether with images, logos, product photos, texts, messages and slogans… vinyls play an important role in the communication and transmission of information.

2.2. Corporate office vinyls

The vinyl in interiors of offices, factories, meeting rooms, or spaces where you want to customize with the corporate image, are also in the long list of uses.

Either to be placed on walls or on a glass structure, corporate vinyls can give a touch of distinction to any area of your facilities, warehouse or premises.

2.3. Advertising films for shop windows

Shops and stores facing the public gain distinction thanks to beautiful vinyl designs.

Attract the attention of potential new customers and passers-by, offer offers at a glance, publicize new services, any excuse is ideal to order vinyl designs for shop windows and windows at street level.

I have designed temporary vinyls for specific advertising campaigns, as well as more perennial and static pieces.

Making your business more or less dynamic is your decision.

2.4. Corporate vinyl for the restaurant and hotel industry

Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels… are among the clients who hire me to design corporate and decorative custom vinyls for their stores.

3. Types of vinyl

3.1. Printed sticky vinyls

They are manufactured in large CMYK printers, directly on white base vinyl pieces on rolls (as if they were a normal printer).

This system has the advantage of faithfully recreating the design, composition or image you want.

These are full color digital printed vinyls.

Therefore, its infinity of combinations and uses make it very popular.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. To clarify this issue I recommend you to read the point below: “Vinyl qualities and durability”.

3.2. Cutted vinyl stickers

Its name already expresses the technique carried out for its manufacture.

They are whole pieces of vinyl, with a color already stipulated, on which the design is cut out through a plotter.

These vinyls have the same color for both the adhesive and the decorative surface.

This vinyl system has a small disadvantage: there is not a wide range of colors.

On the other hand, you can get very impressive shades already prefabricated like the neon ones. And of course, they are the ideal solution to achieve perfect metallization (silver, gold…).

3.3. Matt-finish vinyl

Although this is a type of cutting vinyl, it’s worth putting a point aside.

It is one of the most widely used vinyl systems for glass structures.

Although it doesn’t look like it, there is a lot of play in this technique.

For spaces where you don’t want to “marinate” the luminosity but you want to acquire high levels of privacy, this system is the ideal one.

You can combine acid vinyl with printed vinyl, and also cut vinyl.

In this way, the possibilities to create and design interesting combinations are enormously extended, keeping in mind the needs to be covered.

3.4. Microperforated films

In this case, I would also like to mention this system because it is very useful in certain uses.

This type of vinyl is the one that is placed in advertising on buses, for example.

It is a vinyl with “holes” through which you can see from the inside to the outside, but not vice versa (unless it is at night).

4. Vinyl qualities and durability

There are different types of PVC material.

Depending on the quality of the vinyl base, it can be placed on interior or exterior surfaces. In the same way, these qualities determine its durability. There are vinyls that will keep in good conditions in 5 years and there are other cheaper ones that last between 2-3 years.

Of course, all this depends on the direct incidence of the sun, environmental inclemencies with rain, protection in general of the vinyl in a constant direct light… Any factor influences the life of the vinyl colours.

5. Vinyl design for companies and businesses

If you are still not clear about how vinyl design can benefit you and what advantages it has for your company or business… read on.

Well designed vinyls..:

  • They will strengthen your corporate image.
  • They will strengthen and reinforce your brand image.
  • They will differentiate your company from your competitors.
  • They will give an optimal impression on your target group.


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