Barcelona-based logo designer —freelance basis— creative and exclusive without the agency-studio price.
I have done more than 200 professional logos for companies, multinationals or small businesses.



LOGO Design Gallery (+100)

Logo redesign

Restyling of existing logos, update of corporate identity and logo digitalization.

Anniversary logos

Design of commemorative company logos, 15, 20, 25, 50th anniversary or any organization celebration.

Real estate, construction and engineers logos

Logo design for real estate agencies, renovation companies, construction, engineering, interior design and architects.

Restaurant industry and hotel trade logos

Design of logos for companies in the food business, wines and “cavas”, hotels, campsites, restaurants and food delivery chains.

Medical and health industry logos

Logos designed for health: psychologists, dentists, medical-surgical equipment and pharmacies, among others.

Travel and leisure logos

Logo design for family leisure companies, sports, travel agencies and touristic services.

Company services logos

Logo design for lawyers, agencies and accountants and financial consulting.

Fashion and footwear stores logos

Logos designed for fashion stores, toys’ and children’s clothing store, shoe care stores…

Real estate, construction and engineers logos

Logo design for real estate agencies, renovation companies, construction, engineering, interior design and architects.

Education sector and stream logos

Logo design for schools, colleges, universities, academies.

Musicians, artists and animation sector logos

DJ logo design, independent musicians, audiovisual services.

Freelance professionals logos

Logo design for self-employed, freelance and start-up workers.

Personal brand logos

Design of logos for personal branding and online reputation.

Other industries logos

Logo design for companies in markets and sectors not listed in previous groups.


Why you should hire me?

  • Because I WILL BE THE ONE designing the logo of your company, from scratch till the end.
  • Because I am a talented logo and graphic designer with 30 -year experience — guaranteed job as for many satisfied clients. (posar link a GOOGLE MY BUSINESS)
  • Because your firm deserves quality and highly professional designs.
  • Because providing values and a positive strategies is ideal for your company, as well as for all people, workers, suppliers and professionals that surround you.
  • Because logo design is not everything! I dig deep into who you are and I listen to the voice of your company. I go further creating a unique corporate identity that will found your growth — and you will love it!
  • Does your company already have a logo? Do you think it identifies and transmits what your business needs? Count on my experience for a LOGO REDESIGN (Restyling).
  • Is your firm reaching an anniversary? Recognizing your company’s milestone is easy with a CONMEMORATIVE LOGO. It will be a brand booster.

I have persuaded you… haven’t I? Make a step orward and call me or mail me for an appointment.


Requirements and working methodology


Variety of proposals and adapted packs

Not every corporation nor industry requires the same creative solution.

I am sure to offer you a complete different approach and an ideal result for your new logo design.

I offer 4 logo solutions: BRONZE | SILVER | GOLD | PLATINUM.
Check the specifications for each option.

ALL MY DESIGNED LOGOS achieve these 5 BASIC RULES to become “good logos”:

  • Simple > Clean, flexible, effective and attractive designs.
  • Memorable > Recognizable in no time.
  • Durable > Long-lasting designs, without following any ephemeral trends nor flows.
  • Appropriate > Effortless-reach designs reaching the desired audience.
  • Versatile > Scalable to different sizes keeping same quality and working across medias and within various contexts. Optimized logos for online (digital) and offline (editorial) uses.

My logo designs cover all needs and are optimized for all uses: online (digital) and offline (editorial).

More than 30 years designing logos allow me to offer optimal quality, seriousness and professionalism at competitive prices.


Estimate and payment

You will receive a PDF with my economic offer, broken down by concept or for each of the graphic pieces to be designed. I facilitate the commissioning of designs according to needs and budget, always adapting to the pace set by each client.

It is essential to make a payment of 50% of the project to start the design process. Upon receipt of this, I assign a project start date and send a PDF form to limit the ideas and prepare a briefing.


Logo ownership

Once the design is finished, each client will get legal right over the logo. Unlimited-property, without usage restrictions. Also, I am compromised not to use symbology, any piece or element of my clients’ logos, on any other corporate identity projects.


Naming and branding

“Imagen corporativa y logotipos” (not in English yet, sorry!). In this section, you will find tons of posts that will help you understand better how I work, how graphic designers develop logo creations, and much more…

Important: If you have a name in mind, make sure to check its availability in some of the main Intellectual Property Rights Databases. In Europe and Spain, the essential ones are:


Working method, delivering and warranty

With the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, any contact with me should be via email (for the safety and healthy reasons).

Your company is in the province of Barcelona and you need to hold face-to-face meetings? You can evaluate my GOLD or PLATINUM packs to choose the one that best suits your case, although the meetings must be held by video call (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, Google Meet…) or any APP you prefer

Logo design delivery times depend on each client. I have finished logo designs in ONE WEEK and there are some that, even after three months, are still on my client’s desk.

I consider myself a great professional and luckily I have always had clients who are very respectful of my work. So, there is no better guarantee than the opinions of companies satisfied with my designs.

Read the reviews of my clients.


Files that I give out with the logo design

As a professional in graphic design and an expert in logo design, the material I send to companies can be distributed in 4 concepts.

These files are to ensure continuity of the brand. Safeguarding the aesthetics designed is essential. A design made with professionalism, effort and dedication must be treated with care.



Files saved in various formats, each intended for a different purpose and use:

  • Low-resolution .JPG (72 dpi) RGB.
  • High-resolution .JPG (300 dpi) RGB.
  • Low-resolution .JPG (72 dpi) RGB, well-sized to use as company mail message signature.
  • Low-resolution .PNG (72 dpi) RGB, with transparent background to be placed on the website of the organization.
  • Vector files .EPS o .SVG (300 dpi) Pantone colors.
    These files are specifically for graphic professionals and printers. In order to open them, you will always need professional software for designing (Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw… among others). This vector file is not raster, so it can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality. If your firm needs a poster, exhibition booth, vinyl design, or any big graphic piece, this is your correct file to hand over the printer industry.
  • OEPM, EUIPO or WIPO logo file. If the client has informed me about the idea to register the brand, I will also give out a special file for this purpose. Please, take a look at point 2.4. “Naming, brand and name”.


Archivos del logo con una composición especialmente diseñada para su uso en redes sociales y perfiles de empresa. En formato cuadrado o circular para Facebook, Twitter, Google MyBusiness, WhatsApp… Todos ellos guardados en colores RGB .JPG de baja resolución (72 dpi) optimizados para pantalla.



Logo composition at 96 x 96 pixels (to suit all current applications). File used as an icon in the navigation bar of the company website and in the “Favourites” menus of the browsers.



Files with lots of guidelines on how-to-use a logo design. These corporate manuals outline a company within the world of business and market services. Describe tailored rules for correct usage of a logo: Pantone corporate colors (posar link), font types used and correct proportions, among other important info. I offer three types of guides:

  • Corporate Specifications Sheet
    I give this PDF file at no extra charge because I think it is essential for any business (even small companies should have it). It is a one-sided PDF A4 file, one sided, with the basic information for protecting the logo usage.
    FILPAR (textile sector)
    DHALA CAKES (cake shop)
    KUAY APP (food delivery app)
    PASTAPANDA (restaurant industry chain)
    LOLA BIKE COMPONENTS (mountain bike industry)
  • Corporate Manual
    In this case, it is a PDF with 4 double-sided A4 sheets, containing more complex corporate dimensions as the maximum level of reducibility of the logo, among many other aspects to bear in mind. You can see some examples of manuals in these links:
    CCPAE (Catalan organic certification)
    KINGS’ LEGEND (beverages sector)
    SUSHIART (sushi restaurant sector)
    XENOBIOTICS (biology sector)
  • Complete Corporate Book
    Full manual intended to normalise and homogenise the graphic parameters for using a logo in a correct manner. It guarantees company image consistency when the logo is used on any application, piece of communication, content design… Offline (editorial and printed) or online (digital and social media) rules to be carefully followed by any in-company person in charge, or external providers (printers, graphic designers, web programmers…).


Then you can contact me and I will attend you shortly. Thank you.