After years of positive and negative experiences, during my career as a freelance graphic designer (self-employed), I have adapted the following terms to protect both the client and the designer (myself), during a professional design services relationship.

Rights and property

Rights: All the services provided by the graphic designer will be for the exclusive use of the client and for the designer’s own promotional use. Upon settlement of agreed payments, the designer will grant full and free reproduction rights to all approved final designs created by the designer for that project.
Ownership: The client will obtain full ownership of all the final designs agreed during the project design, execution and completion process.

Payment conditions

The client must pay 50% of the design project to start the process. The designer will provide the client with the project start date once the initial payment has been received. The remaining 50% will be paid to the designer at the end of the design project, always before delivering the corresponding original files to the client.

Design offer

In the event that the graphic designer has made an offer or a reduction in the cost, for example, logo design + business cards, the discount will only be applied if the two designs are contracted at the same time. Otherwise, 50% of the amount of the logo will be charged (without discount) and when the client contacts again for the design of cards, the amount agreed by both parties will be discounted.

Other general points

Samples: If requested by the designer, the client must provide the designer with printed physical samples. Such copies and samples may be used by the designer for publication, display or other self-promotional purposes.

Third Party Hiring: The graphic designer may hire other creative professionals such as web developers, illustrators, and photographers. If such services are necessary, the billing conditions will be agreed and discussed in advance with the client (each professional can pass their invoice regardless of the graphic design).

Confidentiality: If any material or information provided by the client is confidential, it must be communicated to the graphic designer.

Indemnification: The client agrees to hold the designer harmless from any claims, demands, damages, indemnities or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that could result from any work or project supplied by the designer.


The graphic designer will provide the client with a PDF with the terms and conditions mentioned above. The transfer of the initial 50% fee indicates the acceptance, by the client, of said terms and conditions.


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