1. Does your company need to move forward? Promote it!

Whether at a corporate level, advertising or promotional, you need a well-done brochure design in case:

  • Your business wants to increase sales.

  •  You need an advertising and promotion push.

  • You want to present new products or goods.

  • Your company offers a new service.

  • You are assisting to a trade show, congress or event.

  • You are starting your business journey.

A sophisticated brochure design will do a great job for your business or company.

2. Are you starting a new company or business? Go ahead!

Not all SMEs, companies or businesses need the same solutions.

During more than 25 years as a graphic designer, I have designed a wide variety of styles in many industrial fields. Always personalized pieces, providing my clients top-notch and creative services.

My brochure designs cover a wide range of sectors. What’s yours? If it is not listed … don’t worry, I am sure I will approach it with professionalism and creativity.

  • Pharmaceutical Technological

  • Medical and surgical

  • Dental

  • Engineering

  • Industrial machinery

  • Catering and food delivery

  • Hotels, lodgings and campsites

  • Food sector

  • Wine and “cava” cellars

  • Ecological cosmetics

  • Aesthetic centers and hairdressing salons

  • Natural therapies

  • Physiotherapy

  • Psychology

  • Colleges, schools and education

  • Estate agencies

  • Tourism and travel agencies

  • And many others …

3. Four groups of brochure formats


As its name suggests, it is a design made up of three bodies. Face + back = 6 sides for placing textual and image content.

There are many formats: square, vertical and landscape … As well as several standard measurements: 10 x 21 cm | 15 x 15 cm | 21 x 21 cm | Din A4 21 x 29.7 cm…

Call me and explain to me about your needs! I will gladly help you defining objectives. At all times, my 25-year-knowledge on graphic design endorses me and assures my great professionalism.

You can expand this information in the article specially designed for TRIPTYCH DESIGN [Coming Soon].


Many things can be explained in a bifold leaflet.

Face + back = 4 sides to contain the relevant information that your company needs to transmit.

Both the measurements and the formats are similar to those listed in the case of the triptychs.

The design of diptych brochures is very attractive and challenging for me.

See how I can surprise you! A long history as a graphic designer is my cover letter.

He has just clarified possible doubts on the page where I talk about the DESIGN OF DIPTYCHS [Coming Soon].


Mailbox leaflet, printed sheet, pamphlet … or however you want to define it, it is still up to date on promotions, advertising, offers, raffles and discounts.

If you open a new store at street level, if you have special prices for your dental clinic, if you carry out business promotions for the summer seasons or seasons of the year … This is your brochure!

Truly effective and captivating designs and compositions can be made in 10 x 21 cm vertical standard formats.

Do not leave it for later. Start selling, promoting or optimizing your business now by visiting the FLYERS DESIGN page  [Coming Soon].


Four panels! It is almost a catalog … of course! but with a clear difference.

If you have a lot to say, but you like to display large pieces with careful compositions, designs that flow and move or move between pages creating a rhythmic composition … you can not deny one of my favorites: the quadriptych.

Whether it is an A4, or designs in smaller sizes, the flow of the four bodies is of a very differentiating beauty. Your company will go out of the ordinary with this type of brochure.

Expand this information on the page that I have created exclusively for the QUADRIPTICAL DESIGN [Coming Soon].

4. Different approaches to meet different needs

Regardless of the formats set out in POINT 3 (above), each brochure must have different approaches, uses and purposes, as well as cover different objectives, in the short and long term. Although we should not deceive anyone: they are all designed to “sell” more, right?

CORPORATE brochure

On many occasions, for different reasons, there are companies that prefer to have “summary brochures”. In other words, they have an extensive catalog, as well as a reduced version of it. Some of the uses range from delivering them at fairs, congresses and events, to distributing them at points of sale, counters, placement of displays, among others.
Whatever its size, a corporate corporate brochure should enhance and expose: company benefits, value proposition, professional career, history, social commitments …
What differentiates your company or SME from the most direct competitors? Do not forget to give value to it to transmit it in a well structured and designed brochure.

PRODUCT brochure

Products updated and ready to be sold! It is the pillar of any industrial business or manufacturer.

I provide high quality custom brochure design of products. A flexible design that can be updated whenever is necessary.

I will make sure to maintain the corporate rules, clear structure, neat distribution of elements … if needed, it will be ready just to add new products, as your company requires.

I offer best clipping path service for your product images, so that they can be placed on dark or clear backgrounds. Also, I can manage color adjustments to get the best out of your product pictures.

Clear and limited descriptions, technical characteristics … It has to be a manageable and practical piece, capturing the attention of our audience. 

Light designs that convey credibility and confidence in the products. And, of course, designs that will make your company jump out of the crowd.

SERVICES brochure

A good presentation and exposure of the portfolio of services offered by your company, will channel the request for these effectively and quickly.

It is a deployment of components, processes and systems, describing, in an understandable way and avoiding excessively technical language, services, policies, terms and conditions of provision, schedules and response times, security measures and responsibilities associated with each of the exposed services.

RATES brochure

As is logical, these types of designs complement each other and / or are linked to the previous points (B + C).

A rate brochure is very useful in specific situations.
It can also be a good way to keep a catalog for two years.

So, just by changing the brochure to update prices and rates, you can save on printing, being a company that is committed to sustainability.


This is possibly the most common version of a brochure: to advertise and promote a business, service company, etc.

This is indeed the most direct sales version.
Any time or occasion is ideal to secure the shot and sell more than anyone, correct?

5. How do I design company brochures?

I design each of the brochures without templates or designs purchased on the net. From scratch and uniquely for each company, service or product.

Layout in Adobe InDesign

To tackle any brochure design, my favorite tool is InDesign. Its flexibility, options and solutions sure fit the strict needs of any good graphic professional. Whether it is a big advertising company, small graphic design studio or a freelance designer, InDesign helps a lot on getting a quick and cost-effective custom brochure.

Along with Photoshop for image retouching and Illustrator for vector graphic design, I get a brochure that more than covers the targets.


Pictograms and icons are a useful tool to ensure clear and direct exposure of information. Optical resource to visually summarize the content that the client provides me.

Visit my specific ICONOGRAPHY design page [Comming Soon].


As in the case of presentations, infographics also play an important role in the process of designing company catalogs.
See DESIGN INFOGRAPHICS page [Comming Soon].

6. Delivery time

It all depends on each client! If I get answers and comments from you, within 24 hours, you can meet the deadlines listed below below:

  1. Presentation of the first proposals (two design options to be chosen by the client) = 3 days.
  2. Retouching and corrections = Maximum term of 5 days.

Do you have an urgent need to have the brochure? Contact me and we will discuss it.

It is important to remember that the start of the project will not take place until you receive:

  • 50% downpayment for the catalog design.

  • All textual content, images, logos, or any other essential element to carry out the design and layout of the brochure.



Company of integral security systems, fire protection, anti-theft, CCTV video surveillance and training in the security sector for companies and industries.

Diptychs size A5 vertical (10 x 15 cm.)

Business in the medical and physiotherapy sector. Aimed at an audience of all age groups, mainly in the Poblenou district of Barcelona.

Bi-fold 10 x 21 cm, vertical format.


Then you can contact me and I will attend you shortly. Thank you.