1. Corporate IMAGE vs. Corporate BRANDING

One of the issues that generates the most confusion within my clients, and persons who are looking to create or start a business is the difference between “Corporate Identity” and “Corporate Branding”.

We all understand the first word, it is the one that refers to corporation / corporatism = company
People get lost in the second term!


The identity of a business or company is mainly related to internal factors: how the company is organized, its values, its business ethics, its “look” aesthetics and how it integrates all this mix of principles within the business world and according its sector.

The elements of an identity are those that will favor the distinction, above the rest of similar businesses and within the same sector.
Depending on how the product or services are approached, added to their exclusivity, they are the key aspects that will contribute to build a good corporate identity for our business.
In most of the cases, the corporate identity is represented by a logo design (or even an image, emoji, emoticon, icon …). This logo is the one that “catches the eye” of our target and makes us quickly recognizable.
Other graphic pieces such as company stationery (letter sheets, estimates …), corporate folders, the design of company cards (super important for the first contact with our services or product) and brochures or Catalogs, among others, are also part of the range of designs that must represent us. All these designs will have the same importance on tasks as: expressing quality and focus on products or services and transmitting our “savoir faire”.


Also, it is correct to use: brand image.

Banding represents what people and our target audience feel or receive when they see our brand.
How do consumers feel about us? Does our brand transmit trust to the targeted audience? These sensations and emotions are often driven by external factors that branding is attempting to influence.

Banding is essential to a business because it can change how people perceive your brand. Therefore, it increases brand awareness and recognition.

If you are creating a new business, you have to understand how important is this step. It requires in-depth analysis, to get clear where you want to drive your success to and how to get to your business goals.
In order to achieve the objectives proposed in the marketing plan, it is critical for all businesses to set some milestones (short and long term), among other aspects evaluate.

Whatever your business sector is, there are ALWAYS two indispensable points: identity and image.


Both two (corporate identity and branding) are essential. They complement each other and coexist harmoniously.

Creating a good quality identity from the start makes the image work optimally, too.

And yes, surely you are thinking about it: most of the small companies, family businesses or freelancers … do not have a good corporate identity or a properly focused image. It is a pity but it is true, the weight and repercussion that the quality of a good corporate image has in the business world is simply not valued properly.

2. Elements that make up a corporate image

Good approach! There are multiple pieces and flexible elements.

Definitely, the best way to clarify this important point is to list the most common graphic-corporate pieces.
They range from the usual corporate stationery to the headers or cover images used as business profiles in social media networks (Linkedin, Facebook etc.).

Everything flows according to the needs of each company or business. The industrial sectors have lots of ways of using corporate elements.

Sure, as an expert graphic designer for mores than 25 years, I can help you on all the basic elements that include:

  • Naming

  • Logo design + Color palette + Corporate typography

  • American envelopes 22 x 11 cm (with or without window)

  • A4 letterhead sheets (digital and / or printed version)

  • Dossier sheets, reports, offers …
    Large envelopes for A4 or smaller for A5
    A4 corporate folders (with or without spine, with or without flaps, with staple claws …)

  • Invoice sheet (digital and / or printed version)

  • Estimate sheet (digital and / or printed version)

  • Adhesive labels for different uses

  • Website

  • Booklet

  • Flyer

  • Leaflet

  • Among many other applications …

3. Does your company have an image? Let's improve it!

Let’s analyze the best way to approach a new optimized image. I am positive we will make your company shine with a brand new logo, beautifully developed identity designs or anything you may need to achieve your business goals.

Together, we will create a “candy” for your audience, tasty and unforgettable. Hit the nail on the head!

Contact me! I will assist you on how to optimize all the pieces of the corporate puzzle.




Then you can contact me and I will attend you shortly. Thank you.