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Once I receive the existing logo design, I will make an assessment and study — on the way forward — to achieve a logo according to company’s needs. Understanding of how you want to open up to the world is my main concern. I am your designer!

But ... if you still have doubts, read all the content on this page.

You can assess whether or not to bet on the logo redesign and redefinition of your brand. Or conversely, maintaining the graphics, icon, anagram, symbol that you have been using is essential to hold your good positioning in the sector. Betting on a logo modernization, an update or a total redesign, all of them are analysis that must be carried out by an experienced professional in logo redesign.

1. You have an obsolete corporate image and you want to renew the company logo.

Wow! It turns out that over the years…

  • does the logo seem a little “skimpy” and lacking in corporate strength to you?
  • Does your company not feel identified with the current logo design?
  • Doesn’t the logo represent the great work your company does every day?
  • do you want to update the logo? modernize its line, composition, typography, colors…?

Any transcendental change to an image or to a corporate identity that is already being in use, caution is required.

  • Make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of your current company logo.
  • Determine pros and cons.
  • Decompose current image.
  • Examine aspects to refocus.
  • Delimit bases to redesign the new business identity.

Any professional graphic designer — who is an expert in creating logos — will do a magnificent job according to your expectations and needs.

Yes! Keep in mind the importance of correctly focusing the line of action vs. your priorities. No one knows your business better than you or how you want the corporate image to influence your audience and potential customers.

2. You need to digitize your logo because it is in low resolution = DIGITIZATION

You would like to have a digital and quality vectorized file to use without limitations of enlargement, without technical surprises online / offline applications, correct?

No doubt! The solution is in my hands. Or in other good graphic designers’ hands, who are specialized in logo creation as I am.

In terms of digitization, I offer two options. During more than 25 years as a graphic designer of logos, these solutions are the most frequently applied and commonly held.

Option A — 80%

Redraw the logo with vectors, maintaining icon, colors and similarity to the current design at a level of 80%.

Option B — 20%

Vectorize the logo while preserving on a 20% certain elements and the essence of the existing design. Making important changes in fonts, corporate colors, predominant lines and strokes … a new image is obtained, renewed and adapted to the new technological needs (online and offline) of the moment.

3. You want to take advantage of the change to rethink your business or company = REDESIGN

If this is your analysis, it is clear that we should go for … Redesign and restyling!

Many aspects must be assessed and analyzed before launching into an existing logo redesign.

Especially, weighing our company’s positioning in the sector will ensure that we have chosen the right path. In the same way, we must be clear about the ideal moment to do it.

For a change and business regeneration, there are countless occasions to take advantage of:

  • Commemorating the company anniversary with a new logo is an interesting solution.
  • Give a more modern and current approach to our business, with a new quality logo, when we internationalize or expand our business radius.
  • Brand new logo that looks great on a well-structured website that represents you as you want.
  • Launch campaigns or actions on social networks with shocking avatars and headers.

The experience of a logo designer can only be appreciated by viewing a wide variety of projects.

To evaluate my level of professionalism and experience in logo design and redesign, I recommend you visiting my specific page: LOGO DESIGN PORTFOLIO.

If you have some more time, you can read one of the interesting articles on logo re-designs, from the well-known graphic designer, David Airey. It is a compilation of the 10 successful logo redesigns.

The three levels of logo redesign are:


Slight modifications of colors and / or fonts, activation of an aesthetic continuity in the brand, so that it is also recognized.

TIP: Who is this level for? SMEs and companies that, after years of experience and good work, need to SLIGHTLY update their corporate identity.


Rethinking for a new strategy of positioning the identity in the market or business sector, or an opening of a new business model.

TIP: Who is this level for? Already functioning businesses that start a powerful e-commerce network. Companies that expand sectors or diversify, requiring various logo designs but with aesthetic unity between them.


Radical change and risky bet, but often necessary. Either to regain credibility or to publicize a new business stage: a BEFORE + AFTER with a clear objective.

TIP: Who is this level for? Companies that, for different reasons, have been forced to close doors — but have been “re-invented” for the same or other sectors.

NOTE: In the same way, you can review some more information about the restyling levels in this article on my blog. [Coming Soon]


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