1. Is the anniversary of your company?

Within the design of logos for companies, there is an important section that every entrepreneur should know: logo design for company anniversary (years).

If your company has been here for years and it offers a quality service and/or products. You want to give an image of trust and credibility to your target, commemorating the foundation of your business or company.

The best is designing a logo to point the anniversary of your business activity.

Celebrate it, as professional as possible, definitely it is a splendid opportunity to promote your business.

And also …
It is necessary to take advantage of any moment and any situation to:

  • Emphasize the principles and values that they have favored to the growth of your company during all these years.

  • Extoll the respect, commitment and dedication of your company with clients, as well as providers.

  • Be grateful to all those organizations, institutions, companies, professionals … that have collaborated and supported your firm. Without their help your company would not be the way it is now (and celebrating anniversaries).

  • Raise targets for future and develope strategies that will help your company grow even more, getting to the next level.

  • Humanize your company always. There are persons developing — with professionalism and effort — their tasks and job. Communicate to your workers and associates how happy the company is with their unconditional contribution.

2. Types of company anniversary logos

I have designed commemorative logos for 10, 15, 20, 25 … 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years.

It doesn’t matter the years that you have been there. It is always cool to let everybody know that your company keeps improving. Its constantly updates and evolution, contributes to the industrial web and to the society …

Having an adapted logotype is a great way to differenciate from your company competitors.

This anniversary design will be a key point during the whole year of the commemoration.

I offer three ways of designing a commemorative logotype:


Separate design from the corporate logo.

This kind of design is a “seal or stamp”, always using the typography and the corporate colors.

The design should follow the line in congruity to the firm corporate image. Keep in mind that you have an image very consolidated for years, so make sure to stay on the track.

Note: I take for granted that the your company logo design has a hight quality level, therefore it has the energy and strength that your company deserves.


Composition integrating both, years of anniversary and company logo.

In this case, we would continue with the same idea: to maintain corporate characteristics and guidelines. This design can be placed where the original logo had been used until the anniversary year.


It is a good opportunity to refocus our logo.

Logo redesign in order to cover digital needs and adapt to technology environment.

This is applicable for obsolete or outdated logo designs. Or logos that are not high-resolution, nor vector digital versions (expandable without losing definition) as for preferable. Logos that need circular and square versions for social media networks, or favicon for web page, among other currently useful files.

If this is your case … If you also need to do a restyling — added to the commemorative logo — this section will surely be of your interest: Logo redesign for companies.

With the new anniversary logo (or seal or stamp) you can make promotional or advertising designs. Insert the new logo in catalogs. Add, as an email signature, in all digital communications made by the company during the specific period … Among many other applications.

Each company and business has different corporate requirements. Thus, also the designs of these commemorative logos will have to be “chameleonic” and versatile to cover all needs of any company.

Of course, this is an anniversary logo design for temporary (annual) use. Hence, its impact will certainly contribute giving great values to your business.

3. Organize an event on the celebration day

Today the economy is not buoyant, we already know it. Anyway, should not be options to dismiss the following: inviting customers and suppliers to join to the event, also communicating the anniversary to the mass media, or involving the most prestigious influencers …

4. Gifts and promotional items

Show interest in the event guests, have treats ready when someone visits your company … they are effective and advantageous. Promotional gift items will help accomplish this mission.
Number one in the recruitment vs. economic inversion are still Corporate gifts.

5. Development of advertising actions to ...

  • Attract new or potencial customers.
  • Loyalty to customers who already trust your company after years of hard work.
  • Build a better corporate brand image, to strengthen the ties with your clients and keep moving towards differentiation from your competitors.

Offers, raffles, contests, promotions …
Through advertising and banners on websites of reputation, or those that are strictly related to your sector. Adds on social networks where your target audience moves … There are great possibilities and a wide range of solutions to explore.

Whether online or offline, to have a focused plan and a good strategy is an effective way to evolve. I will help you on making grow your company.

Shout it from the hills! It is your company’s birthday! Contact me right now. We will plan how to celebrate such a special year for your firm.

If you are in the education system: school, college, nursery, institute, university … you can also design an anniversary logo.

In education, one of the determining factors for many families is the history and educational background of a centre.

You educate, build futures, transmit values, set goals … As a school, if it is your birthday, take the most out of this opportunity to communicate how good you are.

COMMEMORATIVE LOGOS 15th, 30th, 50th, 60th, 70th ... ANNIVERSARY



Then you can contact me and I will attend you shortly. Thank you.