1. Why do you need a presentation in Power Point or PDF?

Are you not sure if you need a company presentation or not? I leave you with some of the most frequent cases where this type of project can play an important role for a business.

There are infinite uses and purposes. What is your case?

Presentations for COMPANIES:

  • Corporate and executive presentations
  • Commercial proposals aimed at potential customers
  • Exhibition of products and/or services
  • Project and work portfolios

For schools and the education sector:

  • Presentation of academic results
  • Management projects
  • Doctoral Theses
  • End-of-Career work
  • Tutorials, courses, coaching…

2. Evaluating the price of a business presentation ...

My presentation designs are created from scratch. They are exclusive for each client and purpose.

Therefore, there are important aspects to evaluate previously. To prepare a PDF with a budget and prices, I must delimit and limit the following points:

2.1. What structure and/or design of "slides" will the presentation contain?

  • FOTOGRÁFICAS [ VISUAL ] > Mainly, the content of the slide is a large image, with several smaller ones, if necessary. The photos mostly occupy the content of the slide by a minimum of 80%, with very visual load and conceptual impact through the images.
  • WRITEN [ TEXT ] > Slides where texts predominate in a minimum of 80%. There are some photos to harmonize the composition of the presentation, but the importance lies in the textual content.
  • MIXTURE [ PRO-MIX ]There are, in a harmonic and graphic-visual game, texts, tables, diagrams, statistical data (bars, cheeses…), as well as photographs, videos, icons, symbols, pictograms and infographics. These are very dynamic and effective screens.

NOTE: There is no better or worse style or line. It simply depends on what each company needs to exhibit and present..

2.2. Price groups for presentations

Having said that, and depending on the content vs. the needs to be covered with each presentation, I offer three different price groups, adapted to each specific case.

Always with designs WITHOUT USING pre-designed templates bought on the Internet. And of course, with the same seriousness + commitment that characterizes me, as my customers endorse (Read reviews).

3. What do I need from you to start the project?

As in any graphic, corporate or advertising project, textual and visual content is essential.

Nobody knows better than you what your company or business needs to convey. How the information should be exposed to your interlocutors and audience.

Therefore, a text file must be provided in Word, Libre or OpenOffice, web page, Power Point or similar. You must delimit the contents for each of the slides, marking the flow and order of the presentation.

In case you have images, they will also be very useful to get the most out of the process of preparing the presentation. Otherwise, I will look for quality photographs that express the ideas in a direct and clear way.

Conceptualizing a presentation graphically is no easy task. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a limited approach, delimiting the following points:

  • Business sector to which the company or business belongs.
  • Target to whom the presentation is addressed (age group, positions or occupations of the people attending, what interests they can show, what questions we can answer with the presentation, what we need them to do later …).
  • Language, register and style to generate intrigue, to contextualize a presentation that captivates in a relevant way and with a high level of impact.
  • Objectives to be achieved, in the short or long term, such as: product sales, customer loyalty, empowerment of employees of the company itself …
  • If it is going to be presented orally, where and in what type of rooms and devices the presentation file is going to be played (conference rooms, auditoriums, cinema screen, tablet, laptop…).
  • Know in advance if it is required for purely digital purposes (not face-to-face/oral): sending via email, sharing on social networks or uploading to a web server with a direct URL.
  • Format of the presentation and measurement of preference (4:3, 16:9. 16:11, 21:9…)
  • If it is a one-time use presentation for one day. Or, it must be flexible, modifiable and editable to take advantage of it in different exhibitions, situations or events.
  • If there is a manual, book, “brandbook”, logo or any document of corporate use of brand and image, you must also provide it with the initial material. A correct and adequate use of corporate fonts and colors is imperative.

They can be transformed into effective presentations …

    • WORD document > Do you have a Word document to present your services? With a well thought out and structured company presentation you will obtain the desired results, providing an impeccable image. The added value of a professional presentation is priceless.

    • POWER POINT document > Have you been pulling a Power Point with excessive handwriting, colorful, unattractive, badly structured…? A presentation with a careful design and orderly content will provide a useful and current image of your brand. It will give a real focus to your company.

    • Any  document from LIBRE OFFICE pack >
      As in the two previous cases, your company can and should present itself with high levels of quality, corporate, graphically and visually.
    • WEB page > Do you need to transform your web into a striking presentation? Your business can open up even more to the world with a professional company presentation. Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

4. How do I design the presentations?

Assembly of the PRESENTATIONS

Depending on the objectives vs. needs vs. preferences of each client, I design the slides and presentations in:

— Adobe InDesign > Exporting final file to PDF.
— Keynote > Exporting final file to PPTX.

It is necessary to remember the aesthetic and design limitations of Power Point. Although it is manageable and once its intricacies are discovered it can be fluid to work with PPT, we graphic designers opt for better tools. Programs that allow us to leave our creativity more free, generate differentiating effects, bet on shadows and perspectives that give rhythm and harmony… Thus achieving designs that do not leave the audience indifferent.

IMAGE selection

Previously, it is important to review the explanations that I present in POINT 2.2.

The choice and assessment of each of the photographs is made based on the desired presentation: VISUAL, TEXTUAL or MIX-PRO.

In most cases, I purchase the photos at

If the presentation is of products, logically it is the company / client who supplies the images to me. I contribute ideas and also select photographs for more abstract concepts, outside of what is merely a product.


Some complex concepts require more visual and graphic designs to be explained better. For this purpose, computer graphics exist and are becoming more popular. Their use has been increasing in recent years, especially with the proliferation of digital communications, through social networks.

An infographic is a powerful, flexible and highly recommended resource for company presentations.

Simple but clear and very readable schemes are part of the group of designs that can bring richness to any presentation.

ICON design

In many occasions, there is a need to use icons, symbols or pictograms.

These help a lot at the graphic level and provide dynamism to the “slides”, maintaining a fluidity and adequate rhythm for reading the content.

If the presentation budget allows, I design the custom icons. Always drawing them in vectors with Adobe Illustrator, since it is my favorite tool for this type of development.

Having the expandable vectorized icons, without loss of resolution, is important. This option offers the possibility to my clients to use the icons in other projects, where and when it is convenient, both in printed designs (catalogs, brochures …) and digital (web, social networks, emailing …).

Collections of personalized iconography can be generated, so that each worker or collaborator of the company can use them wherever and whenever they want.

There are also countless resources on the net, for those companies that require a professional presentation but cannot afford custom icons: Flaticon has the greatest variety and flexibility in terms of icon, pictogram or symbol designs.

SOUND effects

In addition to the visual effects, inserting sounds can help keep the audience listening attentively. The viewer’s brain is activated very quickly with the vision-listening combination, so in specific cases and for specific purposes a sound is an attention enhancer.

There are infinite resources, of different prices, to buy quality music, sounds and audios. Just like royalty-free images, for audios also offers a good assortment of various styles.

5. Delivery time and terms

Before starting the presentation design project I must have all the contents (textual and photographic) already detailed in POINT 3.

The client must formalize the settlement of 50% of the project, as a deposit or downpayment. Later, I will assign a start date based on the following parameters:

  • “Tempus NORMAL” service > From the date of delivery by the client (via email), the first options will be ready within 15 to 20 days.

  • “Tempus URGENT” service > Of course, this case will be evaluated individually. Aspects such as: quantity of slides, if it is mostly photographic content, or numerous tables and text schemes, etc., are influenced.

6. Corporate templates for Power Point, what are they?

This option allows to:

  • Make multiple presentations, from an original PPTX, always designed exclusively for your company.
  • Save time by modifying each presentation, since the slides will already be marked and pre-designed (always 100% customized).
  • Always maintain the same aesthetic-corporate line for the company. Leaving the elements of the brand image intact and generating corporate homogeneity.

Template design (Power Point) — Starting at 590 euros

Corporate presentation template — INCLUDED:

  • Design of aesthetic line of the slides, respecting the corporate guide of the company and brand. Slides with texts, images, data tables, schemes, statistics bars…

  • Many icons available to insert them in any “slide”.

  • Spaces for photographs that can be easily modified.

  • Customizable resources.

Don’t hesitate! Contact me to prepare a time and cost estimate for the new company presentation your business needs.

7. ZOOM virtual background design for presentation

With COVID’s current situation and the impressive increase in the use of ZOOM, one of the most demanded design projects is the virtual backgrounds for presentations through this popular video call PPP.

I am still developing new designs as well as limiting this section to make known more about these corporate, graphic and very interesting solutions for ZOOM.



NOTE: Due to the confidentiality agreements (NDA) signed with many of my clients, it is not possible for me to show more company presentation designs in any section of my website. Thank you for your understanding.


Then you can contact me and I will attend you shortly. Thank you.